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Werner Skagit Paddle

  • Werner Skagit Paddle
    Werner Skagit Paddle
    The Skagit offers unbeatable value and performance for beginners and recreational kayakers. It is recognized for its light swing weight, smooth and stable stroke, as well as, offering all the benefits of a fiberglass shaft.Specs: Features: * Unbeatable value and performance for entrants and rec kayakers * Advanced blade design for smooth and stable strokes * Lightest swing weight offered at this price Blade Specs: * Fiberglass reinforced nylon * 49 x 15.6 cm, 19.3" x 6.1" Shaft Specs: * Fiberglass/Carbon blend * Straight shaft * Adjustable ferule feathers between 0 and 75deg * Two piece Paddle Weight: * 964g (34oz) at 220 cm
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