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  • Triall3sports Velo Safe Isp
    Triall3sports Velo Safe Isp
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    The Triall3Sports Velo Safe ISP (Integrated Seat Post) bike case is perfect for Roadies and Triathletes who have a bike with an integrated seat post/seat mast or have an unusually large bike. The NEW Velo Safe ISP from Triall3Sports is taller (36 inches from the bottom to the top) while still meeting airline and package carrier dimensions. This case is capable of carrying some of the largest ISP bikes in the industry and it is super easy to use. Simply pull your wheels off, place your frame in the case, attach the front fork to the fork mount, and remove your handlebars/aerobars. Next, place the bottom bracket on the foam pedestal and secure the chain stays with velcro straps. Once your frame is secured, place your wheels in the case and attach them to the side walls with velcro straps. There is plenty of room in the case for your helmet, shoes and other racing gear. This new case features improved, heavier duty latch system, velcro latch covers, and a thicker ABS plastic. The Velo Safe ISP interior measures 47"L x 13"W x 32"H (Note: 32" height is from the top of the bottom bracket foam block, the total internal height is 36") and weighs only 39 lbs.
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