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Thule Glide And Set

  • Thule Glide And Set
    Thule Glide And Set
    This premium saddle combination guides the kayak with a low friction loading & unloading Hydro-Glide felt, while the saddles grip the kayak surface for increased stability and protection.FEATURES Rear mounted Hydro-Glide felt lined saddles guide your kayak and provide low friction loading/unloading Front-mounted Set-to-Go form fitting saddles grip the surface of the hull for increased lateral stability and protection Integrated rubber pads protect the hull and help hold the kayak in place for transportation Carries 1 kayak and requires 1 person to load and unload Includes all straps to transport 1 kayak Up to 2 carriers per vehicle Accommodates kayaks up to 36" wide and 75 lbs Fits Thule rack system, round bars and most factory racks LOCKING OPTIONSN/A
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