Ryders Eyewear Drill Sunglasses

  • Ryders Eyewear Drill Sunglasses
    Ryders Eyewear Drill Sunglasses
    Outerwear Accessories
    The Drill sunglasses, established from Ryders Adrenaline Collection, feature Duraflex frames with low-profile, high-strength pinned hinges and polycarbonate lenses. The Drill lenses are shatterproof, optically correct, scratch resistant and provide 100% UV protection. The nose pads on the Drill are anti-slip, hydrophilic and become more tacky as you sweat. Drill Polarized Photochromic Lenses : Polarized-Photochromic by Essilor, optically correct, shatterproof + scratch-resistant, 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection. Grey Tint : darkens colors, increases contrast by reducing blue hues and increasing vibrancy of yellow and green hues. Frame: TR90 (durable & flexible) main frame, hydophilic nose pads and tips (tackier as you sweat), medium fit . Drill Photochromic Photochromic lenses darken when bright out. Interchangeable lenses, packaged with brown and clear non-photochromic lenses. Hydrophilic (anti-slip) features. Drill Hydrophilic (anti-slip) features.
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