Nrs Guardian Waist Throw Bag

  • Nrs Guardian Waist Throw Bag
    Nrs Guardian Waist Throw Bag
    Throw Bags
    The Guardian Bags are worn on your waist, so whether you're in your boat or scouting a rapid, the throw bag is always at your fingertips. * Features an internal throw rope in a bag that pulls completely free from the waist belt. * Throw bag contains 55 feet of 1/4" polypropylene rope, with a maximum tensile strength of 950 pounds. * The Guardian clips securely around your waist with an adjustable belt with quick release buckle. * Webbing loops along the belt are provided for carabiners.Rope knots reduce tensile strength. For this reason, we make no claims regarding a rescue bag's strength. Maximum load indicated is for the rope alone. * Rope Length: 55' * Rope Size: 1/4" polypro * Load Max: 950 lbs. * Adjustable waist belt with quick release buckle * External bag holds internal throw bag * Webbing loops for carabineers
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