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Geax Tubular Mtb Rim

  • Geax Tubular Mtb Rim
    Geax Tubular Mtb Rim
    Wheels And Tires
    With more and more racer-types opting for tubular wheel set ups, it is inevitable that this craze becomes standard for XC events and XC trail riders looking for the optimal ride quality. Tubular wheels roll better, corner better, grip better and allow the rider to run a lower tire pressure without the risk of pinch flatting. Until now, the only rims available for 26" tubular tires have been super expensive all carbon rims that are hard to come by. Geax now introduces their tubular rim, designed for their Saguaro tubular tire (the Dugast Rhino MTB as well as other tubular MTB tires work as well) but still affordable enough to make that Tubie MTB wheel set a reality. Take advantage of this great price and jump on the MTB tubular bandwagon! Available in 24, 28, 32 holes. 26" only.
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