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Acr Sarlink 406 Gps

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    Acr Sarlink 406 Gps
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    The SARLink(TM) features a new strobe light function and multi-use GPS acquisition testing. The SARLink(TM) represents one of the smallest, lightest 406 GPS PLBs in the world. The rugged, one-button activated, emergency signaling device is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts heading into remote areas. The SARLink(TM) has all new high performance features such as: built-in, super bright LED strobe light increases visibility to Search and Rescue, and onboard 66-channel parallel GPS acquires then transmits LAT/LON when the unit is activated. Exceeds required 24 hours @ -4deg F (-20deg C). Size: 2.25" x 5.88" x 1.49". Wt: 8.9 oz. w/lanyard.It is a bit more expensive, but doesn't have subscription costs and when you actually compare the hardware you realize this device is on another level. It has with much more powerful transmissions, multiple redundancies, and is built to Military and Coast Guard specs. If you are looking for a device of last resort that could potentially save your life gett a true PLB such as this.
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