Nemo Equipment Nemo Fillo

  • Nemo Equipment Nemo Fillo
    Nemo Equipment Nemo Fillo
    Sleeping Bags And Pads
    Fill the Nemo Fillo with air and then add extra clothing using the underside elastic cords to create additional height. The Fillo, from Nemo, made of velvety-soft washable microfiber fabric and engineered with 1 memory foam help provide you with a good nights sleep while you are in the backcountry. This 10.8 ounce package stuffs down smaller than a 1 liter water bottle. Get the rest you deserve, Fillo your head with this backpacking pillow. 10.8 oz (0.31 kg) 5.1 oz w/o Memory Foam Packs small (6" x 4") Includes Stuff Sack 17" x 10.5" (43cm x 27cm)
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